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Your professional digital asset broker

Our 24/7 personal broker service assists clients in navigating the complexities of buying, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies.

You & Digital Reserve

A dedicated broker team member is prepared to guide you through your crypto investments.

We provide clients with the most competitive prices, the fastest transactions and the most convenient investment operations.

No consulting fees

Feel free to ask us anytime without cost about the details of crypto investment.

Broker supports

Our dedicated broker delivers customised service based on your unique requirements.

OTC liquidity

We aggregate liquidity from Over-the-Counter(OTC) market makers.


We take full responsibility for trading, minimise risk and guarantee the protection of your funds.

Transparent transactions

All transactions are done directly between the client and their broker, and fees are a percentage base of transactions without extra expenses.



Institutional Grade Service

Secured, Stable and Reliable

Member of Blockchain Australia

Personal broker

We provide each client with a personal broker service. You can get an experienced professional broker who handles your trading needs and provide personalised investment support. We are committed to providing you with an efficient and customised trading experience.

Specialise in OTC

We have extensive expertise and experience in the OTC field, involving significant transactions, non-standard assets or high-net-worth transactions. Our professional team has a vast network of resources to fulfil your transaction requirements, and we can offer customised OTC trading solutions to meet your specific needs.


Security is the top priority of our business. We use the most advanced encryption technology and security measures to protect client assets and transaction data. Our systems and platforms undergo rigorous testing to guarantee the safety and reliability of your digital assets.

Intelligent routing

We use intelligent routing technology to ensure that your orders execute at the best price and lowest cost in the market. Our system will intelligently analyse market liquidity, price differences, and transaction speed to determine the optimal trading path that aligns with your specific trading needs.

Trading with confidence

We simplify the trading process so you can focus on getting the most from your investment.


Open your account

Open an account in a few minutes.


Speak to your broker

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Start trading

Meet your personal broker and start trading.


Store and secure assets

Protect your investment with industry-leading technologies and cyber security expert.

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Decentralised Exchange platform

Digital Reserve's decentralised exchange(DEX) platform allows users to trade directly without intermediaries. This peer-to-peer trading model adopts advanced trading engines and deep liquidity pools to cater for the needs of high-frequency traders and institutional investors.

Our DEX platform offers a lot of trading options and liquidity, including mainstream cryptocurrencies and emerging digital assets. Investors can choose appropriate trading options according to their needs, and execute trading strategies through flexible order types.

Launch in 2023

We will launch the Digital Reserve trading portal in the second half of this year, providing investors and traders with an excellent digital asset trading experience.

We look forward to working with you to explore Digital Reserve trading portal, and we will provide you with safe, efficient and innovative digital asset trading solutions.