Digital Reserve

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Our services cover brokerage, exchange, custody, and advanced technology that grants access to the deepest liquidity pools worldwide.

Our purpose

As a cryptocurrency brokerage, we prioritise connecting clients and take digital assets seriously. Our commitment to providing reliable information, communication, and services is geared towards serving people.

Digital Reserve is committed to supporting the future of cryptocurrencies and those who invest in their potential. We believe cryptocurrencies will provide the mechanisms and infrastructure to bring ideas into the world, creating greater inclusivity, transparency and integrity for global people.

Valued clients


Trading volume

$1 billion+

Fiat currency supported


Digital assets offered


Our service

Digital Reserve is an established trading platform that offers reliable services to thousands of valued clients, and we provide more than a hundred types of cryptocurrency exchanges.


Cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange

We offer currency exchanges between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, specifically USDT and AUD, as well as BTC, ETH, USD, HKD, SGD and EUR. With our platform, cryptocurrency exchanges are processed within the same day or even within minutes.


Encryption technology

Encryption technology

Our platform uses advanced blockchain technology to encrypt user information from account opening to each trading transaction, ensuring the utmost privacy and security for our clients.


Exclusive service

Exclusive service

Our platform offers a personal broker service to all customers, with some having the opportunity to access our exclusive service and enjoy privileges worldwide.


Transparent information

Transparent information

Digital Reserve is a registered currency exchange in Australia and the United States. You can find information about us on AUSTRAC's website in Australia and FinCEN's website in the United States.


You can trust that our solutions are the best in the industry and will ensure the highest level of protection for your investment.

Secured by Fireblocks

We use battle-tested security measures to ensure the safety and security of our platforms.

End-to-end custody

We take responsibility for the storage of the assets in your account.

Our offices support you anywhere, anytime.